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Tannacrieff Tawny Port 2021 - SOLD OUT

Tannacrieff Tawny Port 2021 - SOLD OUT

Our Tannacrieff Tawny Port is something special. This year (like our business) it turns 10 which is something to be celebrated! Our Tawny Port now comes in a smart limited edition velvet bag and aged 10 year label.

The depth of flavour only grows with the aging process and so if you have loved our Tawny before, you are sure to love this incredible collectors edition.

Tawny Port is aged for longer than the younger Ruby Port and undergos a number of different processes in order to curate it's unique flavours and unforgettable hit on the palette.

2021 - one of our best years. Rain during Spring kept the fruit small which adds to the depth of flavour that has come through straight away. Hints of ripe black currant tingle your taste buds with a sweetness we've never quite tasted before.  

Sorry we are SOLD OUT - see our 2022 or 2012 ports instead.

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