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Wine buff Carey Schulz

Our Roots

Our roots are firmly planted in the glacial, alluvial soils of Central Otago and the sun soaked valleys of Marlborough, New Zealand. As our name suggests we're a co-operative bunch: a bunch of passionate New Zealand wine makers & wine buffs who live, breathe, think (and of course, drink) wine.
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Wine buff Carey Schulz

Central Otago

Central Otago is steeped in history from prehistoric days until the present. The area around Chatto Creek was known as Lake Manuherakia which comprised effectively the current Central Otago area. Post-human habitation, the area has observed much in its steeped history. The area known as Chatto Creek became the centre of the gold mining craze that commenced in the 1870s due mainly to a secure source of water. From the discovery of gold at Tinkers - (now Matakanui) - many adventurous energetic and hard-working men frequented the area looking for their fortune. Among them was a group known as the 7 Irishmen who in the 1870s left behind a life of poverty and Ireland to try their luck in the goldfields of Central Otago. The mine that they laboured at became known as Undaunted Mine.

Chatto Creek Story

Today, Chatto Creek is a historic town in Central Otago known to have the oldest operating Post Office in New Zealand. The area now is a successful farming area with tourism associated with the Otago Rail Trail. This is an iconic must-do for any tourist or local. In 2023, major prospecting has re-established that there is viable gold within the immediate area. This location could become again the centre of the gold mining Fever. Central Otago has also become an iconic centre of Pinot Noir wine throughout the world. The immediate area is achieving international fame because of the quality of its wine, derived primarily from its ability to produce excellent fruit for the winemaker to craft their skill. Chatto Creek has combined the theme of this area focused on sourcing the best grapes from the locality and having the best winemakers craft this fruit into what we think is the best Pinot Noir in the world.

Chatto Creek Wines

Chatto Creek Wines has embraced the local gold mining history, and its brand reflects the historical theme. The principals of Chatto Creek Wines have had a long involvement within Central Otago and in particular the immediate surrounding Manuherikia Valley region. Chatto Creek Wines have used the uniqueness of the Central Otago Pinot Noir berry to develop a range of Port that has amazing flavours and is of superb quality.

Cutting Vines

Wine Themes

The wines are themed on the following identities Matakanui - formerly known as Tinkers - is the Grand Cru of the collection The Postmasters reflects the current historic buildings of Chatto Creek. Tinkers refers to the historical name given to the gold stream Undaunted Mine wine acknowledges the 7 Irishmen who, with perseverance, established a historic legacy for the area the Port is simply that Chatto Creek Port.


The Principles

The Principles of Chatto Creek wines have a long association with the Central Otago region. From early days some 55 years ago to the present, they have added unique assets to the district including tourism, residential accommodation and particular exceptional vineyards which are exhibiting some of the best wines from the area. They are focussed on quality and maintain that standard through their full inventory. Passion for wine and port are foremost in their desire to provide the best of Central Otago.